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7801 Xylon Ave N. #300 

Brooklyn Park, MN 55455​

special load bank battery set
A full report of all services performed will be provided upon completion. The report will include any necessary and/or suggested repairs.


Midwest Industrial Battery is proud to offer a Technical Inspection Program. The TIP service is a Preventative Maintenance program designed to help prevent premature failure of your batteries and chargers. To help ensure maximum life we will do the following:


Reconditioning and Evaluating

- Acid up

- Cycle

- Load Test


Preventative Maintenance


- Battery Tops

  • Clean

  • Neutralize

  • Remove Corrosion

- Battery Cables and Connectors will be inspected for damage.

- Record a full set of cell voltages and specific gravities.


Clean with compressed air

- Tighten all connections

- Connect to a special load bank battery set checking for:

  • Charge Start Rate

  • Charge Middle Rate

  • Charge Finish Rate

  • Adjust as Required

Call 763-425-5075 today and to speak with our trained technician Jason and begin extending the life of your Batteries & Chargers!

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